Watch Hip Hop’s Biggest Rappers SHOCKED By Nardwuar

Watch Hip Hop's Biggest Rappers SHOCKED By Nardwuar

Watch Hip Hop’s Biggest Rappers SHOCKED By Nardwuar!

Check out this impressive reel of some of the best interviews by Nardwuar all caught one montage. Wait until you see how most of hip hop’s biggest stars are blown away by the insight he pulls out during his interviews. Watch and learn from Nardwuar and how he SHOCKED hip hop’s biggest rappers… just had to commend John Ruskin, better known as Nardwuar, a Canadian interviewer and musician from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Nardwuar has interviewed everyone in hip hop, but when it comes to hip hop heavy weights like Kendrick Lamar, the late Juice Wrld, Blueface, Snoop Dogg, Waka Flocka, Lil Wayne, Drake, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, DaBaby, Pharrell Williams, Tyler, The Creator and more

Drake admits that he used to masturbate to Pam Grier in Coffee. Tyler, The Creator is a huge fan of Rally’s Bacon cheese burgers.

What was Snoop Dogg’s first movie. What are Waka Flocka’s favorite chips.

Whose breast did Travis Scott used to stare at? What branding company made chips for Lil Wayne?

How did he shock Juice Wrld?

Who hooked up Kendrick Lamar to get him to Dr. Dre?

Why is hip hop’s biggest rappers saying that Nardwuar “knows too much!”

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