Boosie Badazz Says DaBaby Sets to Run The Courtrooms

Boosie Badazz Says DaBaby Sets to Run The Courtrooms

Boosie Badazz Says DaBaby Sets to Run The Courtrooms!

Hip-hop’s most outlandish characters, Boosie Badazz the most unapologetic and unabashedly was frank about his legal connection between himself and DaBaby. Read on for more about Boosie Badazz and DaBaby reports that Boosie seems confident that DaBaby’s luck is about to change.

Boosie Badazz recently spoke with Vlad stating that the pair have an upcoming single called “Period” that’s set to appear on Boosie’s upcoming Goat Talk 3 project.

The New Orleans rapper reflects:

Baby was going through a lot of shit trying to get to the top. Still going through it to this day. But he got my lawyer now, so ya’ll muthafuckas in trouble! He got my lawyer now. (He laughs)

Things seem to have cooled down on the legal front, DaBaby originally kicked off 2020 on a rocky note. At the top of 2020, police proceeded to arrest the Blame It On Baby rapper over the alleged assault and robbery of a concert promoter.

Following that occurrence, Boosie responded with fire and brimstone, taking his unfiltered frustration out on the concert promoter.

For all we know, it was this incident that ultimately led Boosie to hook DaBaby up with his lawyer in the first place.

What do you think about Boosie hooking DaBaby up with his legal team?

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