Tyrese Setup Exposed


Tyrese Setup Exposed!!!

We just got an EXCLUSIVE from Hood Box Office, the people behind the Tyrese Setup Exposed, admitting they leaked the Spanky Hayes videos.

They are now trying to undo their wrongs and come clean with a video apology to Tyrese.

Days before Hayes admitted his wrongs we revealed that Nick Cannon Made Spanky Hayes Apologize to Tyrese, but that was short lived when the Wild N Out comedian released a video SLAMMING the Fast and Furious star. 

Yesterday, CelebNMusic247.com got the tip that Spanky Hayes admitted he lied to get fame from a rumor he created about Tyrese. Today, we just received an email and video confession that they are truly sorry for sabotaging actor Tyrese in a revealing video that was just sent to us.

Here is what CelebNMusic247.com has received via an email from Spanky Hayes, Dope Man and Trick Trick‘s people, who are retracting the “No Fly Zone” in Detroit statement.

The email reads as follows:


I am working for hood box office who is releasing the Spanky videos and also working with Spanky Hayes who conspired with Dopeman to gain fame off Tyrese… I have some of the phone conversation between Spanky and Young Dopeman… Concerning Tyrese I can send them over if I can trust you… I don’t want any money off this I just want to undo all the wrong I have caused with my involvement I feel stupid after seeing him with his daughter and not growing up with my father something just came over me… I prayed and ask God what should I do Mathew 5 verse 44 and I listen to a TD Jakes sermon last night and the tears began to flow and I don’t want nothing to come back on me so just like I sent out the last videos I’m sending out this one…. I know I was wrong to participate and this is the only way to make it right … I am sending this from Spanky’s email to further show I’m involved and now doing the right thing…”

Watch the video from the woman who admits she could have stopped the RUMOR from blowing up like this on the Internet. She admits that she NEVER thought it was going to explode on the web. She goes on to say in the video that they “never meant to hurt Tyrese, a single father,” who is in a relationship with actress Sanaa Lathan.

She, who never reveals her name says that she is a fan of Tyrese and NEVER meant to hurt, or attempt to tarnish his name [brand].

Checkout the shocking confessional video below: