Tyra Admits Wrongs After ‘Insensitive’ ‘ANTM’ Clip Surfaces

Tyra Admits Wrongs After 'Insensitive' 'ANTM' Clip Surfaces

“I Was Wrong!” Tyra Admits Wrongs After ‘Insensitive’ ‘ANTM’ Clip Surfaces

Early last week, Tyra Banks was put on blast by one of her ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestants. Continue on to see what Tyra Banks is saying about Danielle “Dani” Evans video clip…

Check it:

Now, CelebNMusi247.com reports that Tyra Banks breaks her silence about the ‘Insensitive’ ‘America’s Next Top Model’ clip surfacing!

Danielle “Dani” Evans posted the video about the incident with Tyra Banks:

My truth – This video isn’t made for unsolicited advice, words, or paragraphs on how YOU would have handled the situation. I’m speaking MY truth aside from anyone’s opinions, beliefs, or input. I chose to use my own platform to speak so I have full control over my narrative. Watch until the very end to understand the purpose as to why I took time to even address the matter.

The supermodel is seen talking to contestant Danielle “Dani” Evans about the gap in her tooth.

Banks asks the contestant in the clip, who answers:

Do you really think you can have a Cover Girl contract with a gap in your mouth? Yes, why not? This is all people see.

Banks tells the aspiring model, while sticking her fingers on her front teeth.

It’s not marketable.

In a new tweet, Banks has acknowledged the backlash, admitted to making some “really off” remarks during her judging days.

She admits her wrongs on Friday (May 8) saying:

[I’ve] been seeing the posts about the insensitivity of some past ANTM moments and I agree with you. Looking back, those were some really off choices. [I] appreciate your honest feedback and am sending so much love and virtual hugs.

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