Tron 3 Axed By Disney


Tron 3 Axed By Disney!?!

Sorry, light cycle enthusiasts: Disney is not moving forward with Tron 3, a studio source confirmed allegedly after disappointing debut of “Tomorrowland.”

Apparently the Grid is NOT happening anymore. has this report:

Earlier this year, it had seemed likely there would be a follow-up to 2010’s “Tron: Legacy.” Stars Olivia Wilde and Garrett Hedlund were set to return with director Joseph Kosinski.

We previously reported that Disney had greenlit the project, but “Tomorrowland” was NOT the box office draw it was hyped up to be. Even George Clooney couldn’t pull an audience out for the Disney si-fi-action film. 


The third “Tron” film even received an unofficial title, “Tron: Ascension,” and production was expected to begin as early as this fall. We guess the fate of Tron apparently was resting on the shoulders of “Tomorrowland” directed by Brad Bird. The numbers were incredibly low after Disney invested $180 million, but Clooney only brought in a modest $42.7 million over Memorial Day weekend.

A rep for Disney was not immediately available for comment on “Tron 3.”

Why Disney chose to kill “Tron: Ascension,” seems rather stupid, putting it bluntly.  Tron has been very successful for the Disney Studio and the theme park. They show have a Tron rollercoaster ride at their parks and another movie to push the ride.

We know Disney loves to tie in their theme park to movies, but to be honest Tron 3 should have been the first with Tomorrowland following to create a better buzz with an iconic staple to help market the film.

In fact, a lot of the box office let down comes from a trailer that comes off rather unimpressive and not so interesting. The story was NOT told well enough to get movie goers interested in spending $10.75 – $18.75 for a mediocre movie.

We hope the Disney reconsiders and they greenlight “Tron: Ascension.”