Travis Scott Rasing Daughter Stormi To Be ”Aware”

Travis Scott Rasing Daughter Stormi To Be ''Aware''

Travis Scott Rasing Daughter Stormi To Be ”Aware”!

The ‘Sicko Mode’ rapper revealed that he has had an ”amazing” time watching Stormi grow as he spends time in quarantine during the coronavirus pandemic. Read on for more on Travis Scott raising daughter Stormi with Kylie Jenner… reports that the 28-year-old rapper, Travis Scott shares his two-year-old daughter with former partner Kylie Jenner.

Travis Scott revealed that he wants to keep her aware of what’s happening in the world, despite her young age.

In a new interview with GQ magazine, he explains:

I’m keeping her aware of what’s going on in the world. As a parent, I’m always instilling knowledge, even at this age.

Scott adds:

I just get it going … I just go. It’s amazing just to watch my daughter, you know.

How fatherhood has made it easier for Travis to relate to his parents:

He also said fatherhood has made it easier to relate to his parents and has strengthened their relationship.

Has Travis Scott’s relationship changed or improved with his parents?

Travis says:

No, not at all, man. It’s actually cool, because now we have things to relate on, right? Just raising a daughter. I’m always talking to my parents. They try to remind me of how I was when I was kid.

He continued:

I was energetic. I was super energetic. Jumping off the walls – Nah. It’s so funny to my mum. She’d be like, ‘Yo, you don’t get tired?’ 

Travis considers Kanye West to be a mentor and admits he feels a responsibility to express his political opinions to his ”big bro”, amid Kanye’s bid to become President of the United States.


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