Akon on Nine Trey Gang: Real Street Thugs “Ain’t Doing Sh-t That Loud”

Akon on Nine Trey Gang: Real Street Thugs "Ain't Doing Sh-t That Loud"

Akon on Nine Trey Gang: “Real Street” Thugs “Ain’t Doing Sh-t That Loud”!

Apparently, singer/producer, Akon has something to say about the Nine Trey Gang and Tekashi 6ix9ine. Continue on for details…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that Akon is standing by Tekashi 6ix9ine despite all the public shenanigans he has been doing since his release.

When it comes to 6ix9ine’s former gang, the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods, the 47-year-old producer says that they were all “messy.”

Akon said in an interview:

Just think about it, Vlad. Half the people that are upset aren’t in the street. Never been in the streets. They don’t even live by the code of the street. Tekashi ain’t snitch on you. Why are you mad? Just think about it. If I was in the mix with him and I was affected by him telling on whoever or for whatever reason he told. I don’t like to talk about why he did, I just know that for whatever reason he did it, he had his reasons.

Aliaume Damala Badara Akon Thiam, best know as Akon went on to say:

It goes to a matter of who you decide to believe.

Akon added.

Me? I don’t give a f-ck who did what. What I can tell you is, that the whole clique was super messy. Everybody was sloppy. And everybody was trying to claim notoriety. Real street n—as ain’t doing sh-t that loud. They not broadcasting sh-t they doing.

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