Travis Scott Astroworld Fest: What Went Wrong

Travis Scott Astroworld Fest: What Went Wrong

Travis Scott Astroworld Fest: What Went Wrong?

This weekend, Travis Scott Astroworld Festival ended in tragedy and there is NOTHING that will bring back the people who died, and the families who are ruined. has heard several reports stating that Houston officials were worried about the Astroworld Festival before it kicked off.

Here are the red flags that were sounding off about Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival which ended in tragedy.

Crowd Safety was the biggest factor:

A nationally-recognized crowd safety expert said analyzing what went wrong at the Astroworld Festival begins with the layout of the concert itself. Unlike arena concerts with reserved seating and permanent aisles, a festival-style, standing-room-only setup is the most dangerous.

Paul Wertheimer, founder of Crowd Management Strategies says that “everybody has known this is problematic,” when you put a bunch of people in an open area that is standing room only.

The Los Angeles-based Wertheimer has provided crowd safety guidance for more than 30 years. He said festival-style configurations require special precautions to reduce crowd density and ensure first responders have clear pathways to treat anyone needing medical attention.

The next issue is the layout of Astroworld:

Those details should be listed in the concert promoter’s special event permit application.

The problem was so many in attendance, especially those tightly packed near the stage simply couldn’t get to those exists.

The third is emergency staff on hand.

Why did the promoters Live Nation hire a third-party company to be on-site?

We heard that the staff didn’t know how to do CPR or truly help people in need. Then, it happened, The crowd-crushing event quickly spun out of control and required 62 HFD units to respond.

Houston Fire Chief Samuel Peña said:

For a non-event, it would have been enough but it escalated.

Lastly is security:

Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said 528 Houston Police Department officers were inside and around NRG Park as well as 755 private security guards on scene.

Eight people died and 25 concertgoers were taken to the hospital.