Rolling Loud Gives DaBaby A Pass To Sell Tickets

Rolling Loud Gives DaBaby A Pass To Sell Tickets!

Did DaBaby Learn From Rolling Loud Apology Or Is He Playing The Game?

What is so interesting is that DaBaby was getting canceled after he made a homophobic remark that started trending… reports that after DaBaby’s massive backlash from his homophobic rant at Rolling Loud in Miami — he was dropped from the lineup of a few festivals.

Now he returned to a Rolling Loud stage last month in NYC, where he joined his buddy 50 Cent as a special guest.

Why? Because RL supports second chances and believes DaBaby has grown and learned from his experience, and everyone will be welcome at the shows.

But who at Rolling Loud can say he’s learned. We guarantee he’s learned nothing, but when on stage, he will be happy to take money from the LBGTQ community and every hater who went to see him live.

Basically, rappers can talk about shooting, killing, sex, and more, but steer clear of hating on the gay community because you will be canceled. NOT, because Rolling Loud, aka The new Vans Warped Tour, supports rappers and gives them second chances so they can make money. At the end of the day it’s all about making money, but fans these days are so stuck in the Matrix they can’t even think for themselves.

This is all propaganda so DaBaby can get back on the tour to get the bag.

Basically, DaBaby sold out to get the bag.

Here’s the deal, DaBaby just announced a 22-show tour presented by Rolling Loud called “Live Show Killa Tour.”

The rapper’s touting it as “THE SHOW YOU THOUGHT YOU’D NEVER SEE AGAIN” … clearly jabbing at people who wanted him canceled.

Bottom line, DaBaby is not canceled … at least not by Rolling Loud. Based on the reception he got in NYC, a large number of fans would agree.