Tiffany Foxx Gives Joseline And Dime Their News


Tiffany Foxx Gives Joseline And Dime Their News!!!

Tiffany Foxx Gives Joseline And Dime Their News – First she tried to tell Joseline that she has recorded a song with Stevie J, and later she had to check Jessica Dime.

Joseline claims that she NEVER heard of Tiffany Foxx, but maybe that’s true because Foxx NEVER made stripper music. Anyways, for some reason Joseline thinks that she’s the talent when talking to Tiffany. Let’s do a reality check, Tiffany is the established artist and has been in the business since 2005. Foxx garnered recognition appearing on Snoop Dogg’s compilation album Welcome to tha Chuuch: Da Album. In 2012, she signed with Lil Kim’s label, International Rock Star Records. Her music has been played on the radio and she has dropped three mixtapes (Yellow Tape, Goal Diggers and King Foxx) since then.


Joseline has only dropped three videos and a couple of songs thanks to Stevie J. She is popular because of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Without the show, we’d all be saying Joseline who? Unless we were strip club fans.

Anyways, Joseline made herself look foolish claiming that she never heard of her. Tiffany Foxx tries to take the high road with Joseline, but it doesn’t go well and Joseline just gets angry.

So stereo typical.


Later, Tiffany and her manager are talking about the new track with Stevie J, when Jessica Dime continues to be ratchet and unprofessional.

She rudely walks up to Tiffany and interrupts their conversation with a cough. Dime tries to come for her, but Tiffany shuts her down quickly telling her that she recorded a song with Stevie and Jazze Pha. Dime immediately gets bent and starts attacking Foxx.

So just like Joseline, Tiffany has to give Dime her news why Stevie and Jazze don’t want to work with her.

Watch When Jessica Dime learns from Tiffany Foxx what Mimi has been saying behind her back, Jessica takes her anger out on Tiffany: