Joseline Sets A Trap For Stevie J


Joseline Sets A Trap For Stevie J!!!

Earlier in the show, Joseline is in the studio with a 4 producers working on a new track because it’s time to move on so Joseline Sets A Trap For Stevie J.

After Joseline learns that her husband is working with Tiffany Foxx, Joseline is DONE with Steebie!!!

Later with see the Puerto Rican Princess in the studio, the track lyrics are still lackluster, but the beat if phat.  Stevie doesn’t, he tells him she met with The Foxx and tells him she’s starting to do her own thing when it comes to her career because that’s what he’s doing.  Joseline invites messy Karlie over to tell her the 411 since she started working on a new song without Stevie and tells Karlie that he’s her husband but he’s just another trick right now.




Karlie asks if she is sleeping with the guys and Joseline says it’s strickly business, but she is moving of without Steebie J. Unfortunately Karlie does get any tea to spill.


Later, Joseline Sets A Trap For Stevie J, hoping Stevie is going to tell her about Tiffany, and when he does Joseline reveals that she but a new track. It doesn’t sit well with Jordan.  Once Stevie J learns of Joseline’s secret studio session, as her manager, he feels betrayed.