TI and Gucci Mane Beefing Over Who Started Trap?

TI and Gucci Mane Beefing Over Who Started Trap?

OK OK, get this, TI and Gucci Mane because someone want to dub themselves the king of Trap music. We all know who dropped Trap first, right?

Over the past years, TI has been on a mission to make sure that everyone knows that he invented trap music. But there are a couple others that feel they were the first to create Trap music. Read on for the tea spilling…

TI and Gucci Mane Beefing Over Who Started Trap?CelebNMusic247.com finds this interesting, but here we go. If you recall Atlanta producer Sonny Digital credited Jeezy and Shawty Redd with inventing the genre.

But the Grand Hustle king of the South, TI, feels that he is deserving of the title. TI has been sounding off that he is the one who started the movement and sound, and if you ask Jeezy, Tip can “have” the title of Trap’s inventor because he doesn’t want it.

If you recall, Jeezy was cool with TI taking credit for the drug dealing music genre, because he wants no part of that image anymore.

Back in January, Jeezy who recently announced he’s retiring after his next release said to Everyday Struggle hosts:

He could have it. Anybody else who want it … I don’t got nothing to do with that shit. At the end of the day I trapped my whole life to get out of trap. I don’t want to see it again. I don’t even want it connected to me. No disrespect to my people’s that’s out there grinding. I just want to show them a bigger and better way. I just left the New York Stock Exchange yesterday

#jeezy on trap music and who created it!

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Unlike Jeezy, Gucci Mane feels otherwise, so he took to social media to provoke a feud with Tip by taking credit for being trap music’s daddy.

He wrote:

#FBF The Day I Invented Trap Music #Guwop aka #TheEvilGenius #1017Ceo

Of course, TI wasn’t having it, so he decided to point out that his 2003 album Trap Muzik came out two years before Gucci’s debut album Trap House!

That’s the solid confirmation, if we’ve ever seen one, but TI didn’t stop there, he decided to get petty and suggest that Gucci discovered trap like Christopher Columbus (didn’t really) discover America. #LOL

Then, Tip shut down Gucci with this statement:

Ok,so…. AGAIN for the slow ones in the back… August 19th,2003 Birth of Trap Muzik & Only fools dispute facts!!! FOH wit that Christopher Columbus ass… “Look what I discovered, even though they was already here ass shit!!!!” WITCHO GOOD CAPPIN ASS,” Tip captioned in Gucci’s direction.

One Trap music fan makes a valid point still giving TI his accalateds for creating the style of music, but says Gucci made it better.

They pointed out:

T. I introduce the word TRAP to mainstream, But Gucci created The TRAP music that we love today . Think about Migos Thug 21 etc that’s Trap Music that don’t sound like no damn T.I they music sound like Gucci all the way ?