Drizzy Drake Goes at Toronto Rapper KG Over Diss

Drake Goes at Toronto Rapper KG After Being Dissed

You may not know who Toronto rapper KG, but after this you will, for about 15 minutes.

Toronto rapper KG was able to get Drake’s undivided attention with a diss track snippet in which he declares Drizzy “gay.” As soon as Drizzy Drake caught wind of the diss track he quickly jumped in someone’s DM on attack mode. Read on for the tea spilling…

CelebNMusic247.com has the latest on Drizzy Drake who just got dissed by a hometown rapper named KG.

KG made a diss track where he declares Drizzy Drake is secretly gay. #MMMM

It’s been said that seem Drake and KG have known each other for years. Apparently, KG has been salty with Drizzy since never listens to his stuff.

Despite the music issue, isn’t a bit interesting that Drake paying so much attention to a guy nobody has heard of? Could there be some truth to what KG said? We’ve heard some rumors in the past, but hey isn’t everyone in the industry fluid these days?

Check out KG diss below and you decide if there may be some truth to what the Toronto rapper is spitting. Does the Champagne Papi know how to spit on the mic?


#drake wasn’t playing when he said he was down for FREE SMOKE! A guy dissed him on their Instagram story and he pulled up in their dms to let him know what was up. Apparently the guy and drake had issues that stemmed back to growing up in Toronto. Check @darealkg100 for the full back story .. it’s too much to type lol!

KG hasn’t stopped pointing out that Drake’s music has been slipping. He posted this snippet the other day:

Whole lotta barz for drake can he fw that ???? ????

KG also posted a snippet of his new music/video “No Trust.” Hey if his music sounds like this, he needs to get some airplay in the US. It’s better than all this mumble rap crap:

LINK IN BIO ??take that shit in if you haven’t da gang on a whole Nuva wave ???

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