Teairra Mari’s Comeback FAILS


Teairra Mari‘s Comeback FAILS!!!

Tonight Teairra Mari FALLS FLAT when she hits the stage in Hollywood. Basically Teairra Mari’s Comeback FAILS in a dismal and embarrassing performance that comes off like she was winded.

Teairra Mari doesn’t realize that most of her fans have moved on to better singers like Rihanna who she dissed back in the day. #Karma

Anyways, Teairra believes she still has that “it factor” so she goes to Hollywood promoter Sincere for a favor to get a showcase to premiere  her new music. The only problem is Teairra is an EPIC FAIL. You can tell she is winded, her voice sounds horrible and that maybe she should have taken the time to rehearse with a band before hitting the stage.

She was obviously NOT ready to hit the stage and it really showed, but when Sincere gives her the memo that she basically sucked on stage, she can’t swallow the truth and instead flies off the handle and tries to punch Sincere in the face.


Once again she displays the mannerism why everyone in the music industry steers clear of Teairra. She’s too much of loose cannon and he box office draw isn’t filling seats. At one time in her life she was on top of the world, but after Jay Z dropped her from his label her career has been in the trash. Plus Ray J kicked with Mari, but she was the side chick while he was dating Kim Kardashian, if you want the real deal, which was told to us from an inside source close to both of them.

We hope this dreadful performance will make Teairra realize she has to start from the bottom again, because the competition is too great and she too late.