Stevie J Beefing Over Joseline


Stevie J Beefing Over Joseline

Don’t mess with Joseline Hernandez or Stevie J will have to flex on your @ss like he did to Ferrari Ferrell for posting the in studio videos of Joseline sounding like she was drunk rapping.

Joseline sounded like crap and Ferrari Ferrell obviously has it in for the Puerto Rican Princess. He is letting fans see and hear how horrible she truly sounds. Now has the exclusive report on Stevie, who is standing up for his woman and has now got entangled in a Instagram beef with Ferrari Ferrell of the Zanoti boys. The man behind the videos of Hernandez in the studio.

Ferrell has been putting Joseline on BLAST all week and Stevie J is TIRED of his Sh-t!  Jordan went off saying he’ll sick his Puerto Rican G, FlyDaToni and Bezino on his ass:

“U trying to get a name fo ya self huh let Zino & Datoni gas u up I’m on check!”

But Ferrari Ferrell went unfazed and clapped back with a warning to Stevie J, saying:

“Watch your lips 2 n-gga I ain’t no net gangsta n-gga deadass fall bal lil hommie. Yo fly get your mans.!”

He added:

“Nigga stop tagging me in this post Idc about that big bozo ???? #loopygang”

Check the Feud:




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