Spencer LoFranco Weighs In on Filming Jamesy Boy


Spencer LoFrancoWeighs In on Filming Jamesy Boy

Canadian native Spencer LoFranco gives the EXCLUSIVE on working with great actors in his debut film Jamesy Boy which is now available on DVD

Spencer LoFranco admits that Ving Rhames and James Franco all had amazing advice for him. He knew when coming on set to bring his A-Game to the set for his film. LoFranco who played the real life gang member, Jamesy Boy explains how he and James developed a relationship a year prior to filming the movie. The  New York Conservatory and UCLA Summer extention first time actor give it his all in the true story of Jamesy Boy.

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He talks about being able to tap into his true emotions to bring the hardships and triumphs James had to actually go through.  LoFranco feels the film would be great for teachers to show to students today on how one can get caught up and how to change their life.

Hear what Spencer LoFranco had to tell CelebNMusic247.com about working on the film Jamesy Boy.

What’s next for Spencer LoFranco?

He starring in the upcoming film Unbroken directed by Angelina Jolie. Spencer has landed the role of Harry Brooks in a film about a chronicle of the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was taken prisoner by Japanese forces during World War II.

Jamesy Boy (Based on a True Story) is availble on DVD February 25, 2014.