Spencer LoFranco is Stellar in Jamesy Boy


(CelebNMusic247-News) Spencer LoFranco is Stellar in Jamesy Boy

Spencer LoFranco is a natural when it comes to acting reminiscent of early Robert DeNiro in his debut role as James Burns in the upcoming true story, Jamesy Boy.

Who is Spencer LoFranco?

The Toronto native, who attended the Robert Land Academy, military academy where the boys live in barracks-style dorms and are taught discipline. It was there that Spencer realized that he wanted to act, but there was no option for his passion, so during his eleventh grade summer, he attended the New York School of Performing Arts and his twelfth he attended the summer program at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and Television.

How did Spencer LoFranco land his first feature film?

LoFranco went on an open call for first time feature film director/Annapolis’ Key School/Cornell University Alumni, Trevor White, and from there it’s movie making history.  Spencer and Trevor found a perfect match in making a movie.

Who is Jamesy Boy?

Jamesy Boy is inspired by the real life of street-tough gang member, James Burns aka Jamesy Boy who cleans up his life and goes straight by a hard-timer, Conrad, (played by Ving Rhames) whom he meets in jail. Spencer plays Burns, the young man who goes from suburban street gangs to a maximum-security prison surrounded by hardened criminals. He knew he had to get his A-game up and he wanted to portray the James Burns, correctly and respectively, so he spent time with Jamesy B and learned everything he could. Today Spencer and James are friends.

With  in the director’s seat, his brother Tim White producing and Spencer LoFranco, who was recently dubbed in 2013 as the new up and coming heart throb, as James Burns, the perfect trio was match and history was made.  Filming began in March 4, 2012 in Baltimore, Maryland for a five weeks stint.

Why Spencer LoFranco?

LoFranco comes off as a seasoned actor alongside his veteran co-stars Mary-Louise Parker, Ving Rhames and James Woods, which he admits they inspired him, helped him, and taught him on the set of Jamesy Boy.

While on his promotional tour for Jamesy Boy, Spencer gave us an EXCLUSIVE interview on his experience working on his first feature film. We have to say straight up that it was great to speak with Spencer about the movie. His performance is impeccable, his timing is key and on an emotional level he brings true sincerity to the screen. Not since Juliette Lewis (a naturalist actor) or Leonardo DiCaprio (a Methodist actor) have we seen such depth, range and raw talent shine so bright. Spencer LoFranco brings his own style of “realism” of a yester-year James Dean to his role as Jamesy Boy and we are truly impressed.

What’s next for Spencer LoFranco?

We got a quick 10 from the newcomer who is already working on a his next project alongside Oscar winner and celebrity superstar, Angelina Jolie, so we can already tell you there’s and Oscar just waiting down the road with LoFranco’s name all over it.

When veteran actors like the Oscar-nominated James Woods, who’s been making movies for some 40 years, writes an e-mail talking about the professionalism of first time director Trevor White and his producing brother Tim, stating:

“They’re a wonderful team.”

“I was amazed this was their first feature. Talent is a gift from God. Good breeding is from good parenting. These guys had both.”

Oscar and Spirit Awards are right around the corner for this 2014 Indie Film, which we dub a MUST SEE feature.

Listen to our Exclusive interview with Spencer LoFranco coming later this week.

Jamesy Boy opens in theaters on January 17th, 2014 and is available on VOD now.