Spanky Hayes Comes For Tyrese Again


Spanky Hayes Comes For Tyrese Again

Nick Cannon may have had his Wild N Out member apologize to Baby Boy, but Spanky Hayes Comes For Tyrese Again and issues a ‘No Fly Zone‘ on The Fast and Furious star.

If you thought Spanke Hayes caused some ish earlier this week, then you are highly mistaken because he’s taking it to a whole new level and it’s gonna make you jaw hit the floor. has the new tea on Spanky Hayes and it’s getting ugly. Tyrese declared he gone f–ked up, but obviously Spanky ain’t scared because he’s issued a ‘No Fly Zone’ on The Fast and Furious star.

The Detroit comedian took to YouTube taking more shots at Gibson and this time he’s gonna erupt like the volcano in Pompeii.

Spanky Hayes first FIRED OFF these shots at Tyrese on Thursday and followed the tweets with the video below:


The saga continues. Detroit comedian Spanky Hayes imposes a ‘No Fly Zone’ on Tyrese in his response video the Tyrese’s threats to end his career…

Spanky imposes a No Fly Zone on Tyrese banning him from filming in Detroit.

Check the video (Parential Guidence suggested since Spanky is lude, crude and obnoxious in the video):