SIC VID: PJ Morton – “Lover” ft. Lil Wayne

(CelebNMusic247) PJ Morton – “Lover” ft. Lil Wayne

“Lover” is off PJ Morton’s upcoming solo album from PJ Morton. – Read the full PJ Morton Lover Lyrics below:

PJ Morton ft Lil Wayne – Lover lyrics

Young Money

[PJ Morton – Verse 1]
This argument is just gonna keep going on and on
And at this point I don’t even really care who’s right or wrong
I just don’t wanna fight anymore
Even ? we are arguing for
And if you think this is the way to be
I’m sorry this aint gonna work for me

And I know, I know that no-ones perfect
But whats the purpose if we can’t even make it through a day
Without fighting
We can’t even get along I would just rather let it go
Cause you should already know that

[Hook] x3
I’ma lover, I’ma lover, I’ma lover, I’ma Lover
Not a fighter, not a fighter, not a fighter

[PJ Morton – Verse 2]
Don’t even matter what you’re seeing
Right now I just need some time so I can do some thinking
Will this be the end of me and you
Ohh, Ooh,
All I know is that I’m stressed out
Seems like you shot everything, I gave my best shot
Now it may be time for us to throw in the towel
Oh, Ooh

[Chorus] + [Hook]

[Lil Wayne]
It go, I got that gin in my system
Somebody gon’ be my victim
Yeah, don’t fight that love, just bare with me baby like a white n black cub
Girl, love is a must so don’t put up a fuss
I’m hard as steel she wet, make it rust
What you know about it?
And I’m so body
And this thing in my pants, deserve a bull round it
Yeeah, and all we do
Is fuss and fuss and fuss
Dont start hunni
I put that… in it and make you walk funny
Yeah PJ, he’s Young Money
New Orleans in this bitch, don’t start nothing
Won’t be nothing, let me see something
I’ma lover not a fighter but I beat that, beat that….
Yo Tunechi…



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