Shifty Shellshock Exclusively Talks Coma, Rehab, New Band and Music

(CelebNMusic247) Shifty Shellshock Exclusively Talks Coma, Rehab, New Band and Music

Shifty Shellshock took a moment while on tour to speak exclusively with CelebNMusic247 about his near fatal drug fiasco which put him in a coma; rehab and how he picked himself back up and started working with a new band and new music.

To recap the earlier part of this year, Shifty was arrested  in February after engaging in a public fight with his girlfriend. Binzer was witnessed “roughing up” his girlfriend by the employees at a discount clothing store.  he was arrested onsite after finding cocaine in his possession and he was charged with battery and drug possession.

The 37-year-old has remained in the spotlight in recent years due to his stints on ‘Celebrity Rehab’ and ‘Sober House,’ where he publicly battled his addiction demons.

Unfortunately in April, Shifty Shellshock accidentally fell into a coma, after a twisted combination of drug. Shifty revealed to me that he took GHB [Gamma hydroxybutyrate] and Valium, which he said “was a bad combination.” Luckily Shifty is able to look back on the almost fatal mistake and laugh a little. However, the news of Shifty’s coma spread like wildfire in the blogosphere. Many fans, family and friends were worried for Shifty.

After Shifty fell into a  drug-induced coma, he was immediately hospitalized, where he lay motionless. Though Shifty woke up and after five days in the hospital doctor saw that he was responsive and speaking sporadically, although he wasn’t entirely lucid, and not aware of his surroundings. Doctors were sure that he will make a full recovery.

After leaving the hospital Shifty new he had to do something so he took himself to rehab. He followed the 12 step plan and has a full support team around at all times.  He is now back in good health and working on his new music, but knows that he must stay focused on his love of music and stay away from his party past.

However, the battery and drug possession still lingers and in July of this year, Binzer pled no contest to both of the charges and was sentenced to three years probation for the drug count. He was also court ordered to stay far away from his ex-girlfriend for at least the next three years and has to attend a year of domestic violence counseling.

Now that it is all behind him, Shifty told CNM247 that he has been working hard in the lab with former Limp Bizkit member DJ Lethal. In August Shifty sent us an exclusive single called “Love to You” [Listen HERE] which has been getting a strong response. Shifty explained that fans were going crazy for the new music and the buzz has been steadily growing.

Currently, Shifty has formed and new band, but he is keeping the new name under wraps until the legalities are worked out. Right now the band is going under the name of Shifty’s Crazytown.

Previously, during Crazytown’s hiatus Shifty, born Seth Brooks Binzer, collaborated with producer and musician Paul Oakenfold, contributing vocals to Oakenfold’s hit single “Starry Eyed Surprise.” The track was for Oakenfold ?rst solo studio album Bunkka. The single charted high, reaching No. 6 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 41 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Although you may not have stayed tuned into Crazy Town since their debut album, Shifty has been steadily working. And in 2010 Binzer fronted the group, Shifty and The Big Shots. They released their ?rst single, “Save Me,” followed it up with the single “City of Angels.” However, Crazytown played together at the festival SRH FEST 2010 in California.  They played a new track titled “Come inside”.

Throughout 2011 Crazytown released a new song, “My Place”, on YouTube, as well as two new songs, “Hard To Get” and “Hit That Switch”, on their MySpace page.

But it was In January of this year just months before his coma, Shifty’s Crazytown successfully played at the HeatWave Festival 2012 in Australia with other great artists like Kid Cudi, D12, or Tech9.

In addition, Shifty is about to release his second solo studio album called “White Gold” in this year 2012, which he collaborated with Too $hort and Sticky Fingers.

Shifty has been touring with his longtime friend Spoon. But Spoon’s [Shifty’s hype man] talents don’t end there he  has been collaborating with Shifty on new music. Spoon has also been written up in many tattoo magazines for his artisty and talents tattooing and piercing. Spoon can also be seen in Shifty’s upcoming VH1 reality TV series that will feature Shifty Shellshock and his bandmates. The new show which has just been picked up by VH1 will be kicking off in 2013.

Spoon and Shifty speak in the interview, first is Shifty and then Spoon chims in for the second half.

Now check out the exclusive interview with Shifty Shellshock and Spoon chop it up with below:

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