She Got Game Recap: Game Doesn’t See Destiny Is His Future

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She Got Game Recap: Game Doesn’t See Destiny Is His Future!!!

Tonight on Jayceon Taylor’s new series, She Got Game Recap: Game Doesn’t See Destiny Is His Future, especially for a girl who can’t let go of the past.

Here is the breakdown of tonight’s episode since The Game has to sift through a group of gold diggers who want to latch onto Compton rapper, The Game.

All the women are just two steps away from ratchet, but if that’s what works for Game then so be it. She Got Game follows The Game as he takes these wanna bee future baby mamas on tour so they can get used to a MC’s lifestyle.

Before things kick off, Game is taken back by Destinee and her stank face because he doesn’t remember some chick who was a one of his pool parties. Girl you is a Groupie aka THOT!

In a conversation with The Game this week, Destinee reminisces about a time she partied at his place. The Game doesn’t exactly remember the encounter which makes her a little bitter. Sure, we definitely feel for Destinee, but she also gotta realize that he’s not gonna remember girl that’s been at a pool party of his!

First, Jayceon takes the wanna bee girlfriends on his 60 day challenge to Runyon Canyon, but Kiki suffers heat exhaustion during the hike and has to leave in an ambulance.


Later, Kiki is brought back to the house in an ambulance. Sierra, Priscilla, and Melissa think Kiki is playing up the heat exhaustion in order to get extra attention:

Next, Game surprises the girls to see who’s a fake and who is serious about him. He invites them to take a ride on a private jet, but when they learn he’s NOT going, their faces get cracked:

After Game talks with a few of the girls, he realizes for him to move forward, he NEEDS to let go of his past and his past involved Destinee, who can’t let go that Jayceon doesn’t remember her from one night in Miami.

Girl “he’s NOT that into you!” Destinee NEEDS to rent that move and read the footnotes – Men don’t like crazy!

Watch Game eliminates Destinee because he can only take 9 girls on tour. Game then picks 4 girls to take a private jet to Phoenix:

Sorry, Destinee, but you’re the first girl to get the boot.

The second most annoying contestant to us is Priscilla, she thinks she’s a princess, but she’s more of a gold digger, but that seems to be the show.

In reality NONE of the women are a right fit except to fill a void a couple of nights a week for Game. We are sorry to admit, but we know that Game will probably make some friends, and some FWB’s but there is no wifey material in any of these women unless he’s will to dump out some serious cash so she can shop on his hard-earned cash.