Saints Coach Sean Payton Says No Fights Or You’re Gone

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Saints Coach Sean Payton Says No Fights Or You’re Gone!!!

After The Rams and Dallas Cowboys got into a throw down fight during a joint practice the New Orleans Saints Coach Saints Coach Sean Payton Says No Fights Or You’re Gone!

Sean Payton isn’t playing when it comes to his team and fighting! has this report after we heard about Payton pulling his players together during his usual team meeting Wednesday, preparing them for the upcoming day especially since they would be having a joint practice with the New England Patriots.

The Saint’s players got a special message from Coach Payton.

He said:

“If you decide to fight during practices, as has become a sudden trend during joint sessions across the league, you should pack your bags.”

Fighting will not be tolerated, according to Payton. It was a message he echoed during his news conference Thursday when he noted he believes these fights are breaking out because of the attention they garner on nightly sports broadcasts and HBO’s “Hard Knocks”.

Payton said:

“That’s unfortunate when you see it happen with other teams.”

“And clearly when you put a team on television like ‘Hard Knocks’ and then practice with someone else, we’ve seen that formula happen two years in a row. So that’s nothing new.”

Payton, in general, has been very meticulous about making sure these joint practices with the Patriots go perfectly. Payton doesn’t want the Saints to look like a bunch of buffoons fighting on the field like Texans/Redskins brawl, or the Cowboys/Rams squabble.

Patriots Coach Belichick said:

“We’ve had a great working relationship with the Saints.”

“Their players work hard — but they do it the right way.”

This is the third time the Saints and the Patriots have practiced together — and the camaraderie and professionalism showed by players on both sides is a key factor.

Payton said:

“It’s a big reason why we’re practicing with them (Patriots) a third time.”

“We know it’s gonna be about improving both teams. We’re both trying to do the same thing at this period of training camp.”