Roy Jones Jr. Asks For Russian Citizenship


Roy Jones Jr. Asks For Russian Citizenship?!?

This is crazy, but did you hear that American former world boxing champion Roy Jones Jr. Asks For Russian Citizenship from Russian President Vladimir Putin?

We are a bit taken by this, but here is what has heard.

According to Russian President Vladimir Putin, Roy Jones Jr. asked him for a Russian citizenship over a cup of tea.


Anyways, Jones’ promoter told the R-Sport news agency two years ago that the boxer wanted a Russian passport.

During Wednesday’s meeting, Putin wished Jones success doing business in Russia and the boxer responded that this would be easier if he had a Russian passport. Putin told him this would not be a problem if he planned to spend a significant part of his life in Russia.

Their meeting took place in Crimea, which Russia annexed last year and where the 46-year-old boxer and rapper will take part in a show this weekend.

Jones said he hoped sport could help ”build a bridge” between the U.S. and Russia.

Whatever! Good luck bro. We understand wanting dual citizenship but you have to be that nationality. Unlike the US which is a melting pot of multi-cultures, you have to have a reason for the dual citizenship.

Is Roy Jones Jr. Russian?

What do you think?