Robin Thicke and THOT Spotted


Robin Thicke and THOT Spotted!?!

This week Robin Thicke fans were shocked by the news that Paula Patton‘s ex is dating a 19-year-old but Robin Thicke and THOT Spotted in Malibu.

When it comes to THOTs Robin Thicke has landed himself 19-year-old April Love Geary. Yes she is a model and yes she looks somewhat like Paula, so it appears she is filling the Patton void.


We know that no one has touched on the matter that Robin Thicke has done what every man does when he truly loves someone else. He found himself a replacement that could pass as a Paula knock-off, but we all know that deep down he still wants Paula back. After an album all about his ex and a tour of begging her to take him back, Robin is trying to move on with a teenager.

Personally we feel it’s wrong because Robin is 37-years-old, but it seems he’s NOT hearing it because he’s clearly thankful for one thing this holiday season via TMZ:

Robin Thicke was spotted with his super hot new girlfriend.  Thicke was rolling through Malibu Friday with the top down … showing off 19-year-old April Love Geary — and the guy looked pretty damn care free.

Robin’s had a tough year — see here, here and here — so he’s gotta be stoked to be moving on.

Plus, April looks really hot naked. That always helps.

Earlier last week super young GF April Love Geary were snapped at the USC/UCLA game at the Rose Bowl Saturday night … where they got a good view of the Bruins whooping the Trojans.

As TMZ first reported, while Thicke has been coy about his dating situation, 19-year-old April has been going full bore, posting photos that were snapped inside Thicke’s home.

One thing about April … she LOVES the spotlight.

What do you think of Robin Thicke replacing Paula Patton with THOT?