Prosecutors WARNS Cardi B Strip-Club Brawl Plea Deal May Expire

Prosecutors WARNS Cardi B Strip-Club Brawl Plea Deal May Expire

Prosecutors WARNS Cardi B Strip-Club Brawl Plea Deal May Expire!

The clock is apparently ticking down for Cardi B since Queens prosecutors’ patience with the “WAP” rapper appears to be wearing thin. Read on since Cardi B’s strip club brawl plea deal may expire despite turning herself in at the time of the incident…

Prosecutors WARNS Cardi B Strip-Club Brawl Plea Deal May Expire report as of Wednesday, Cardi B has been officially warned that a plea offer over her alleged involvement in a strip-club brawl may not be on the table much longer.

According to reports, lea-deal talks with the Bronx-raised rapper, Cardi B, born Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, have been going on since early 2019 and remain open — despite Cardi’s legal team initially rejecting the offer over a year ago.

Assistant District Attorney Ryan Nicolosi suggested Wednesday that the clock was ticking.

He states:

The People are offering for the last time an offer of a misdemeanor. … We are not going to go lower than a misdemeanor. We are again offering this misdemeanor but we cannot guarantee that that offer will be held open or offered again in the future.

Nicolosi kept the channel open, he admitted that it seemed unlikely a deal could be struck.

We all had many conversations regarding the possibility of a plea, what a plea could look like, if any of the defendants were willing to take a plea. But it seems like there is not going to be a plea. There doesn’t seem to be a meeting of the minds.

If you recall, Cardi’s strip club brawl back 2018:

She allegedly hurled a hookah pipe and two drinking glasses at a pair of bartender sisters at a Flushing club called Angels, according to authorities. She allegedly attacked the sisters, who go by Jade and Baddie Gi, because she believed they had sex with her hip-hop heavyweight husband, Offset, from whom Cardi recently-separated.

Cardi, 27, has pleaded not guilty to charges topped by two counts of felony attempted assault.

Lawyers for the three defendants told Nicolosi on Wednesday that they would relay to their clients that the plea offer may have an expiration date. – Page Six

What is sad is that Cardi better take care of this because it will look stupid if she goes to jail for a man she is no longer with. Not only that she better get this in order since her career is at an all-time high with a new trademark, new music, and more.

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