Cardi B Files Trademark WAP For Clothing Line and Liquor

Cardi B Files Trademark WAP For Clothing Line and Liquor

Cardi B Files Trademark WAP For Clothing Line and Liquor!

The female rapper has filed paperwork to trademark WAP merchandise spanning everything from clothing and purses to liquor, according to reports. Read on for more on Cardi B filing Trademark WAP…

Cardi B Files Trademark WAP For Clothing Line and Liquor reports that on Monday Cardi B filed trademark applications last week that would encompass clothing, including headwear and footwear as well as items such as jewelry and athletic bags.

Basically, Cardi B is about her money and branding!

Here is what we’ve learned via reports:

The 27-year-old also reportedly filed trademarks for WAP liquor, beer, sports drinks, and soft drinks, according to the outlet, in addition to stickers and posters.
The recent filings come after Cardi released a line of water-resistant merchandise including hoodies, T-shirts, bike shorts, sports bras, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and umbrellas following the debut of her and Megan Thee Stallion’s hit song last month.

While it is not immediately clear if the singer plans to release WAP-inspired merchandise for all of the trademark applications, she told her Twitter followers Monday that they can expect new merch soon.

The rapper tweeted:

I think I’m putting new merch tomorrow on my Cardi page. Are y’all here for it?

She also shared a photo of gold hoop earrings reading WAP in response to a request for a “sneak peak”.

Although many fans reacted positively to the announcement that more WAP products would be available for purchase, others revealed that they were still waiting for merchandise they already ordered to be delivered.

“First of all I need the WAP umbrella I ordered to be delivered before that Cardi!” one fan responded, while another said: “I second this lol waiting for the crop hoodie too I’m like wait.”

Currently, fans of the singer and Megan Thee Stallion’s song can purchase items such as a $125 WAP raincoat or a $25 WAP umbrella.

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