Prepaway Gives 5 Reasons to Make Sure That Microsoft 70-743 Exam Is Worth Passing

Prepaway Gives 5 Reasons to Make Sure That Microsoft 70-743 Exam Is Worth Passing

The Microsoft 70-743 exam has astounding popularity as it helps to upgrade your old MCSA:

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Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server 2012 R2 certification to MCSA:

Windows Server 2016. The structure of the questions helps to build highly coveted expertness in IT while at the same time display different kinds of knowledge. The holders of the MCSA certification prove that they are the best in the market and the employers will be yearning to have them in their teams. Microsoft credentials are recognized all over the world. In the market where competition for IT jobs is on the rise, you really want to do all you can to stick out. The following are top reasons why you should pass the Microsoft 70-743 test and receive the relevant certification. The main advantage of this exam is that it not only validates your Windows Server 2016 skills but also helps you rapidly grow in your career

So, Exam-Labs has prepared a list of reasons why you should pass this exam. Let’s see what’s in it:

5 Reasons to Take Microsoft 70-743 Exam

1. It gives you an edge in employment.

The candidates who pass the Microsoft 70-743 exam are preferred by the employers seeking the individuals to perform various operations on their Windows Server 2016 including installation and maintenance. As you present your applications for the job, the manager is sure to look through your resume and gauge where you stand. They will be interested to see the specific thing that sets you apart from fellow job seekers.

A common trend in recent days involves certifications being listed as a key requirement for particular job applications. That makes it crucial to excelling in the Microsoft 70-743 exam as you had towards receiving the much-coveted certification. Do not be the one who gets disqualified just because you did not earn a credential, be the one who is left among the few due to their astounding resume.

2. It is the key to a job promotion.

The IT-related certificate may have helped you get a job, but you require more so as to grow. Rising up the job rank is crucial since it comes with its own good packs from an increased salary and more allowances to higher respect at your workplace. Excelling in the Microsoft 70-743 exam shows your employer that you are an astounding individual who would do anything to become better at their job. This is the zeal that organizations are looking for in their workforce.

In line with getting a promotion, the certification may also be the reason you retain your work. Organizational needs are ever changing. The changes are far much more rapid in the IT world where whatever is current today may easily become obsolete tomorrow. When such changes take place, employers will always need those persons who can keep up. If you do not prove you can through earning a credential, your company may be forced to bring in external persons to fill your position.

3. It provides you with professional credibility.

Microsoft is a highly respected organization throughout the world. That means its certification program resonates not only with employers but also colleagues. There is nothing more satisfactory than knowing that you have the respect of your peers at the workplace. This exam gives you that respect.

When you earn the Microsoft certificate, you demonstrate that you are a dedicated professional who would stop at nothing to be better. What is more mind-boggling is your ability to actually set aside time to study at a period when we are all held up by our careers. If you are lucky to be in a company that supports its employees earn the certifications, do not hesitate to get one. This will not only get you promoted or get better pays but also make you a credible professional.

4. It helps achieve a personal goal.

Throughout your college days, you may have had a personal goal of earning a certification. Soon you graduated and forgot all about that. It is understandable because we live in a fast-paced world where letting go of your dreams can happen in a matter of seconds. However, it is about time you get back on track. If you have been postponing this goal, you can no longer put it off. This is the time to stand up and take action.

One thing about personal goals is that they will always haunt you to the point where you finally settle them. The haunt can even be stronger if earning the certification would have helped you get a better paying job or receive a promotion. Do not wait up to the time you loose on an opportunity due to lack of a Microsoft credential to begin regretting. Discipline and self-motivation are key in remaining in line with your goals. If others have done it, why shouldn’t you?

5. It keeps abreast of modern technology.

Just like any other piece of technology, Windows Server 2016 regularly undergoes changes to keep it up to date. Some of these changes may include new configuration formats and the latest security features. When you rely on the knowledge you initially had for Windows Server 2016, you are bound to lag behind on the current. That is why the Microsoft 70-743 certification exam becomes essential. When you sit for the test, you are tested on a wide range of areas regarding the technology.

The study materials for Microsoft 70-743 are normally built with the goal of enhancing your practical skills. That is what the employers are looking for. Their interest is to see that you indeed are aware of what’s current. You can demonstrate this in a number of ways including telling your employer by word of mouth. However, in the long run, it is the actual certification that will give you the recognition you desire. Shine more light on your efforts to remain current by receiving one.

If you are interested in passing your 70-743 exam on the first try, you should visit Exam-Labs platform. Here you will get access to the most recent and quality practice tests that will boost your knowledge. Exam-Labs offers only those materials that are checked by experienced IT specialists. What’s more, all practice tests on Exam-Labs are frequently updated so that you can be sure that the questions are aligned with the program.


There are many benefits associated with passing the Microsoft 70-743 exam and receiving the relevant certification. If you are worried that you may not have the time to earn it, bear in mind that instructor-led training courses allow you to set flexible study time. That means you have no excuse whatsoever to keep postponing. Enroll now.

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