Plies Questions Nashville Police Waffle House Shooting?

Plies: Why Didn’t Police Shoot to Kill Nashville Waffle House Shooter

The Nashville shooting is trending on social media and around the country, but rapper Plies is seriously asking the hard question everyone seems to want to know. Why didn’t the police shoot to kill the Nashville Waffle House shooter?

Read on to get all the details on the Nashville Waffle House shooting and see what Plies is asking? Where is the justice???

Plies: Why Didn’t Police Shoot to Kill Nashville Waffle House supports what Florida native Plies, born, has to say about the Nashville Waffle House shooter who is still living and behind bars.

Plies points out that in America these days if your black, you get shot and killed first and then questions are asked. Whereas a white shooter killing people is taken down alive, cuffed and brought to prison. Where is the justice in that? Why does Black America have to live on the edge, struggle and worry if their child is safe, from the police? Isn’t hard enough NOT to struggle to keep your son or daughter away from gangs and the struggles of the neighborhoods people live?

Lately, with a poor representation for a President, who makes fun of handicap people, demonstrates he is against the Latino community and shows he is NOT the only racist bigot, he’s a male chauvinist pig who. It’s sad the President has no filter and treats his time in office like a reality TV series. #SMH

With all that going on, white supremacy has been showing their colors in uniform. We are NOT saying that police are the supremacist, but they are really demonstrating the behaviorisms.

Here is what had taken place since Plies first question the Nashville police in this video clip below:

Plies raises a valid point on why didn’t the Nashville police shoot first and ask questions second?

It appears that racism is still alive because the white shooter lived and was taken in. If the shooter was black he would have been shot on the spot!

Where is the justice America? Everyone is ready to convict all the sexual predators in the entertainment industry, but we don’t see Harvey Weinstein going to prison, but Bill Cosby is surely on the chopping block.

Wake up America, if a man is killing people and police are aware he has firearms, it should be a shoot to kill situation, NOT let’s taze him and take him in.

Watch – Listen – Learn: