Perfection Files: Make It STOP!


Perfection Files: Make It STOP!

Spring has sprung and we’re all super funked up to let our hair down and tip around in some fresh threads.

However, some of you guys are a super hot mess  with your trendy Spring acquisitions. Here’s 4 fashion trends you should drop this season.

1. When did tying your shirts around your hips become trendy and not a lame thing you did in elementary school? Why are you using an actual piece of clothing as a pseudo belt, minus all the features of an actual belt? If you get cold, do you actually untie your shirt skirt and wear the shirt? you get a zero on the keeping it funky chart.

2. Okay, we get it. It’s spring, the flowers are a-blooming and the cocktails are a-flowing. Still, there’s no need to pull out your most hideous, Ace Ventura-worthy Hawaiian print shirts. You end up looking like someone’s drunk uncle, no matter how funked out you think you’re looking. This includes you as well ladies.

url (2)

3. Why are jeggings for men even a thing? Nobody—and I mean NOBODY—needs to see the outline of your junk stuffed in tight, fake jeans. C’mon my dawgs, you can do better than that.

url (4)

4.  The 90?s called, and they’re wondering why we’re still wearing bucket hats. If you’re not 70 years old or a fisherman, we see no reason for this unfortunately looking headgear. Do you really need that extra shade for your forehead?

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