Patrisse Cullors Admits Using $6M BLM Money To Buy Mansion

Patrisse Cullors Admits Using $6M BLM Money To Buy Mansion

Patrisse Cullors Admits Using $6M BLM Money To Buy Mansion

Co-founder Patrisse Cullors of BLM admits she LIED; She Used $6M to Buy LA Mansion.

Yes, the Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors basically took donation money to buy a mansion in Los Angeles.

If you were wonder where your donations to help the families who lost their loved ones due to senseless crimes by police brutality, it went to co-founder Partisse Cullors so she could have a nice mansion in LA to party in.

Yes, y’all gotta love all those charities out there that are supposed to help people in need, but instead they only give 10% of the monies donated while they pocket 90% for themselves.

In case you didn’t know, every time you donate to the Red Cross, FEMA, Black Lives Matters and other charities, they only give a small portion to people in need that is why no one gets the help they truly need. Meanwhile, the charities and the founders are rolling in the paper. You are better off giving to GoFundMe’s to people who need the help and yes, the site charges a fee, but the money actually goes to the ones in need, not to people like Partrisse Cullors who has a $6 million dollar party mansion… reports Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors admits she lied when she previously denied throwing two parties at the organization’s $6 million Los Angeles mansion.

Are you ready to get pissed off?

Patrisse Cullors recently told the Associated Press on Monday (May 9) that she hosted her son’s birthday party and a gathering to celebrate President Joe Biden’s inauguration at the six-bedroom mansion which was allegedly purchased in cash by BLM in October 2020.

At the time, Cullors said the property was purchased by BLM to serve as a meeting venue and campus, exclusively for official foundation business. She also issued a statement denying suggestions she had lived at the property or taken advantage of it for personal gain.

When explaining the reason behind the luxurious purchase, Patrisse Cullors she used a poor excuse telling sources:

We looked at commercial buildings and we looked at homes and then we found this really amazing space that’s a sweet spot between commercial and residential.

She went on to justify the expensive purchase by highlighting how the mansion had a soundstage which allowed BLM to produce podcasts. In her recent interview, Cullors admitted that she should not have used the L.A. mansion for any personal reasons.

While lying through her teeth, she tries to come off like she actually cared about her mistake:

I look back at that and think, that probably wasn’t the best idea.

If this was such a bad idea, then sell it and give the money to the families in need and buy a property that is more realistic, something in the $500 to $1 million price NOT in LA!

When news of the $6 million property first emerged, the organization reportedly tried to “kill” the story, according to internal BLM memos. One strategy memo on how to deal with the story reportedly suggested it might be used as an “influencer house” where artists can congregate. At the time, Patrisse Cullors– who attested the property was bought as a “safe space” for black creatives, activists and thought leaders– angrily hit back at those questioning her actions, describing the criticism she was facing as “racist and sexist.”


As of last week, Cullors still defended the purchase of the mansion, arguing that it was bought to bring further value to the BLM empire.

We really wanted to make sure that the global network foundation had an asset that wasn’t just financial resources and we understood that not many black-led organizations have property. They don´t own their property.

She continued:

The idea that [the foundation] received millions of dollars and then I hid those dollars in my bank account is absolutely false. That’s a false narrative. It’s impacted me personally and professionally, that people would accuse me of stealing from black people.

While Black Lives Matter raised $90 million in the wake of George Floyd’s murder in the summer of 2020 and still has an impressive $6 0million of cash at hand, she admitted BLM wasn’t prepared to deal with the influx of donations in the wake of George Floyd’s and that the organization was slow to build the necessary framework.

Patrisse Cullors USES The Black Community To Fund Her Lifestyle:

This isn’t the first time BLM and Patrisse Cullors has been called into question. Cullors organization, ‘Dignity & Power Now’–which was launched back in 2013 to assist black and minority inmates–was accused of not telling the IRS about at least $175,000 it received via donations. The organization was also accused of not disclosing the donations to the California Attorney General, which oversees foundations in the state.

This is called FRAUD!

BOOOOOOOO. BLM is a scam…Stop donating to these people!

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