Party Down South 4 Recap: Drinking Back Flips & Blood


Party Down South 4 Recap: Drinking Back Flips & Blood!!!

On the last episode of Party Down South 4 Recap we learned that Drinking, Back Flips & Blood don’t mix well, especially for Murray. has another rundown of Party Down South 4 episode 2 so you can stay on top of whats going on in the PDS house between Hott Dogg, Mattie, Daddy, Murray, Tiffany, Walt, Lyle and Lauren.

Here is the blow-by-blow:

We picked up where we left off with the aftermath of Hannah face being bruised up with a fat lip and a black eye.

Tiffany wakes up feeling bad, so she explains to Hott Dogg why she was upset with her dating Daddy’s best friend.

Hott Dogg realizes that she was authentic with her apology so she squashed everything and the two roomies start over.

Lauren realizes that she over reacted in the house screaming at everyone. She is pissed with her boyfriend and didn’t appreciate Walt weighing in on things.

Mattie tries to explain to Lauren to that she shouldn’t have to work so hard in a relationship.

Walt has his chest hair shaved like a bikini and it works when they head out to pick up the ladies.

Walt Manscapes For The New Season of Party Down South 4-0816-1


Daddy just wants to drink and have fun and hopefully the family is back.

The crew goes out to hit the bars and get twisted, but Lyle can’t get his ATL girl out of his mind and wants to go home.

Could this be a more mature side of Lyle? Is he in Love?

The next day Murray wants to show Daddy how to do the proper back flip so he test the waters and ends up splitting his forehead open. It’s blood everywhere and Murray is a mess. Mattie rushes out to aid and he wants to go to the hospital to get stitches. Once Murray gets home he ends up with 10 stitches.

Later the crew hits the club, Lyle, Lauren and Murray stay home while Mattie and Daddy get toe up.

When they get home Tiffany plays mother hen and puts Daddy to bed, Mattie passes out on the toilet but Tiffany comes to the rescue and puts her to bed too.

Daddy spray tans Murray’s stomach to give him some abs but instead sprays on a tic-tac-toe board.

Lyle calls up his ex-girlfriend and gets back together with her, so they are officially back together.

Next, the gang heads out for another night of Partying Down South in St. Petersburg Florida to Hulk Hogan for some daytime drinking.

Mattie breaks down drinking and taking off the edge with the first shot.

The crew Parties down at Hulks in Florida.

Hott Dogg cock blocks Murray’s possible hook up.

Daddy goes Marlin fishing and learns Florida girls are fine, but his game is on zero.

Tiffany clowns Daddy saying that he has no game and that is when Daddy is so drunk that he falls on the sand and gets escorted out by security. He can’t even get in the taxi.

Mattie can’t find the taxi.

Murray goes off on Murray calling her the ultimate cock blocker. He is not mad at her but she needs to mind her business. Mattie chimes in, but has no clue what she is talking about. Martha surfaces and goes off on Hannah.

It’s a drunken mess. Mattie is so drunk that she tries to jump out of a moving taxi van.

Let’s put it like this, don’t do any of these antics when you drunk and make sure to lock the doors so your drunk friend can’t jump out. And Mattie stop drinking so Martha stops surfacing. We love you but dang girl you get freaking scary as Martha.

Watch Party Down South 4 episode 2:

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