Orlando Brown Spills Tea That He Had Sex With Bow Wow

Orlando Brown Spills Tea That He Had Sex With Bow Wow

Orlando Brown Spills Tea That He Had Sex With Bow Wow!

Ok, now, former Disney Star Orlando Brown is known for making shocking statements, but this tea spill is so pipping hot you might want to sit down and sip it slowly…

CelebnMusic247.com is hearing that Orlando Brown, who is known for spilling industry tea against some of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood just dropped the kettle on this.

Yesterday, Brown opened his mouth again – and is causing quite a stir.

The Clip is from the new “Cornbread TV Starring Funny Marco” podcast that’s part of Dave Mays (The Godfather of all Hip Hop Media) new podcast network Breakbeat. Full version is available on Breakbeat Media YouTube channel.

In a recent interview, the former Disney star was asked about how he felt about rapper/talk show host Bow Wow. Both Orlando and Bow Wow spent their adolescence together in Hollywood in the early 2000s. Orlando was the star of the kids show That’s So Raven. And Bow Wow was a teenage rapper with tons of young fans.

Orlando made some shocking and explosive comments about Bow Wow. When asked about Bow Wow, the actor said he “has good p*ssy.”

Orlando is an actor, rapper and singer. He is best known for his roles as Cadet Kevin ‘Tiger’ Dunne in Major Payne, 3J Winslow in Family Matters, Max in Two of a Kind, Damey Wayne “Waynehead” in Waynehead, Sticky Webb in The Proud Family, Cornelius Fillmore in Fillmore!, Eddie Thomas in That’s So Raven, and Frankie in Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off.

Prior to this most recent reveal, the ‘That’s So Raven,’ appeared on the Dr. Phil show, Brown has admitted to his past addictions and opened up about his struggles at a church fundraising event in 2020.

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