R. Kelly Files Sex Trafficking & Racketeering Appeal

R. Kelly Files Sex Trafficking & Racketeering Appeal!

It’s official, R. Kelly’s legal team officially notified a federal court that he intends to appeal his conviction on racketeering charges. Last week, R. Kelly’s lawyers laid it on thick in a letter written to the judge — days before the singer’s sentencing for sex trafficking.

According to the site, in the letter, they claimed Kellz was the real victim in the case, not the women that have filed claims against him. Read on for more details on R. Kelly Sex Trafficking appeal…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that R. Kelly and his defense attorney, Jennifer Bonjean, filed a notice of appeal. The appeal did not state the grounds on which they wish to appeal.

A previous filing accused prosecutors of being “Invigorated by an influential social movement determined to punish centuries of male misbehavior through symbolic prosecutions of high-profile men, the government brought a RICO prosecution against the Defendant that was ‘absurdly remote’ from the drafters’ intent.”

The disgraced singer was placed on suicide watch after being sentenced to 30 years in jail.

The judge said during R. Kelly‘s sentencing:

The public has to be protected from behaviors like this. These crimes were calculated and carefully planned and regularly executed for almost 25 years. You taught them that love is enslavement and violence.

The singer was initially placed on suicide watch before being released to gen pop.

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