Omari Hardwick Dedication To Cancer Survivors & SIDES


Omari Hardwick Dedication To Cancer Survivors & SIDES!!!

Omari Hardwick released a statement while on the set of Starz hit series Power season 2 with a touching Dedication To Cancer Survivors & SIDES survivors.

Omari released this statement earlier today thanking Sidney for her Super Hero bobble head.

He writes:

My last day of work for #season2 #PowerTV, i dedicated to ALL the heroic child fighters & survivors of cancer…in particular my friend Sidney Lister.



Along with her family, she has traveled far & wide with their creation of #SIDES (Sidney’s Incredible Defeat of Ewing’s Sarcoma).

I look up to you all…and EVERYday i thank God for the “Jesus years” of 33 He allowed us to be in your magical presence, dear Angel Ayesha….my cousin next in line to me. You did SUPERB on earth.

And thank you Sidney for your Super Hero bobble head!! It (a.k.a You) will always have a place of Power in my room.

God bless.

Omari Hardwick