Offset Bentley Rental Now Missing


Offset Bentley Rental Now Missing!

According to reports that Offset seems to have misplaced not just the keys to a new car, you know the green Lambo he said he “still has and doesn’t know what to do with it.” That’s what a car company’s claiming in court. Read on for more about Offset Bentley rental missing…


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A post shared by OFFSET (@offsetyrn) reports that Platinum Transportation Group an L.A.-based luxury rental service is suing the Migos rapper over a shady disappearance.

What we are hearing is that Offset rented one of their new Bentleys he rented in the Spring of 2020 and now its missing when it was time to turn it back in.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, PTG claims it drew up a contract with Offset in May, recognizing him as a repeat customer of theirs. At first, Platinum says the deal was to rent their new 2020 Bentley Bentayga for a couple days at a rate of just less than $600 a day.

They claim that the initial rental period kept on getting pushed out by Offset … and a new deal was allegedly made to have him hold onto the whip ’til late July.

Funny enough, Offset posted a photo with a black Bentley around that same time, but it’s unclear if it’s the one in question. He wrote, “Numbers don’t lie. We need each other”

Anyway, right after the 4th … Platinum claims Offset told them he didn’t have the car in his possession, didn’t know who had the car last, or where the hell it was. It had vanished — or at least that’s what Platinum is claiming he told them, with no rational explanation.

They also claim Offset stopped making payments on the car after his lease was up on July 25, despite the fact he had failed to return the car. Platinum says he’s refused to pay a penny more.