Gorilla Glue Girl Speaks On Horrific Experience

Gorilla Glue Girl Speaks On Horrific Experience

Gorilla Glue Girl Speaks On Horrific Experience!

Just when you think you heard it all, something like this happens – And OMG this is utterly horrific. Read on for more about the Gorilla Glue Girl…

CelebnMusic247.com reports that Gorilla Glue Girl aka Tessica Brown, a Louisiana teacher who ran out of her special “glue” hairspray and decided to try actual glue.

We have to say, right from the jump Gorilla Glue is the strongest superglue in the market so to hear someone spraying her hair is absolutely crazy.

Tessica’s saga is a unique situation and the product she used “is not indicated for use in or on hair as it is considered permanent.”

Gorilla Glue says the spray adhesive is intended for mounting things to surfaces such as paper, cardboard, wood, laminate, and fabric.

There is nowhere on the label that says you can spray Gorilla Glue in your hair. #SMH

Sources say Tessica spent 22 hours in the ER and the staff was dumbfounded. We’ve been told healthcare workers put acetone on the back of her head, but it burned her scalp and only made the glue gooey before hardening back up.

She said:

When she started, it started to burn, so they took the saline water and tried to, you know, cool it off, but it burned so bad to where my heart started beating too fast… She told me it looked like she could do it, but it’s gonna take at least 20 hours.

Describing early attempts to wash it out, she said washing only made the braid “tighter and tighter.”

The TikToker who put Gorilla Glue in her hair is still living with her nightmarish mistake, the glue brand’s remedies aren’t working and now she is lawyering up.

She revealed:

I got with my sisters, I got with my mom. Everyone was trying to give me different things about what to do to wash it out, but after that month passed, this is what made me take it to social media.

Well, Gorilla Glue has now released an official statement in an attempt to absolve the solvent of any liability:

We are aware of the situation and we are very sorry to hear about the unfortunate incident that Miss Brown experienced using our Spray Adhesive on her hair. This is a unique situation because this product is not indicated for use in or on hair as it is considered permanent. Our spray adhesive states in the warning label “do not swallow. Do not get in eyes, on the skin, or on clothing…

The bottom line is this we are sorry to hear this, but girl WTH were you thinking. We used Gorilla Glue to build a mailbox post with cement blocks and you can’t break them apart. Its been three years.

This is just as bad as the people listening to former social media influencer Trump who told people to drink bleach to get rid of COVID. Yeah, NOT smart.