Nick Cannon Talk Show To Replace Wendy Williams Time Slot

Nick Cannon Talk Show To Replace Wendy Williams Time Slot

Nick Cannon Talk Show To Replace Wendy Williams Time Slot!

Once again, it’s back in the news that Nick Cannon Talk Show “Hey Nick” is set to replace the Wendy Williams Show if she does not return soon. We previously reported this tea back in October, but it’s making headlines again.

Wendy Williams announced that her health is on the mend but her doctors do not feel she is ready to return just yet. Hopefully, the holidays will help slow the network down, but it appears Nick’s show is gaining momentum. previously reported that the network was already in talk of replacing Wendy with Nick Cannon, but she had guest hosts to slow things down.

As previously reported, Wendy Williams has been on a hiatus from her talk show due to health complications. That pushed back her premiere date for season 13 multiple times.

In fact, her guest host shows have helped the Wendy ratings, which have increased by 33% since Williams has been out, more people are watching these days.

Meanwhile, the 57-year-old host, who has yet to return to her infamous purple chair, may allegedly be replaced by host Nick Cannon’s new talk show in the 10 am time slot.

A close source tells The Sun:

If The Wendy Williams Show ends or she doesn’t come back to the show, they would feel comfortable sliding Nick into the 10 am slot which immediately follows the local news broadcast.

They added:

That is the plan for filling the time in the New York market. Other stations around the country that similarly carry both shows back-to-back will likely follow New York’s lead.

Another source said:

It really all depends on what her ratings look like at that point. Right now, they’ve been stronger than expected without her.

On Monday, Wendy Williams took to Instagram to give fans an update on her situation, according to