Casanova Facing 15 Years to Life For Attempted Murder Charge In Racketeering Case

Casanova Facing 15 Years to Life For Attempted Murder Charge In Racketeering Case

Casanova Facing 15 Years to Life For Attempted Murder Charge In Racketeering Case!

Rapper Casanova is currently behind bars, but things continue to jeopardize any chance of him ever becoming a free man again. Continue on for details on Casanova Murder Charge … reports that a grand jury has charged Casanova with attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon in aid of racketeering.

Casanova 2X is also facing new assault and weapons charges in addition to previous charges of racketeering conspiracy and narcotics conspiracy.

According to reports, the prosecution says that “on or about October 24, 2020, in the Southern District of Florida, Southern District of New York, and elsewhere,” Casanova and Jaycee (real name Jarrett Crisler, Jr.) “knowingly attempted to murder an individual and assaulted that individual with a dangerous weapon” and “shot at a rival gang member in Miami, Florida.”

They allege that a bystander called Casanova’s name and threw up the wrong gang sign.

“You want to die tonight?” the rapper allegedly asked before Jaycee fired at the rival gang member, injuring him and another person outside the venue.

Jaycee then allegedly text somebody:

Killed a n*gga last night smh. It’s on the news. 2 of them I only shot twice meaning I ain’t miss a shot … Greatest shot in the world U tryna challenge me? Lol.

James Kousouros, the rapper’s lawyer, told The FADER:

Look, we’re reviewing the indictment. Casanova, my client, intends to fully contest these charges. Mr. Senior voluntarily surrendered himself to the authorities and fully intends to seek his exoneration in court.

If convicted, Casanova will face 15 years to life in prison.

Since the judgment by the Southern District of Florida, Casanova took to social media by way of his manager:

This is a public service announcement to all my fans and very important friends. I’ve been incarcerated for almost one year now, exhausted all remedies, and spent a significant amount of money on legal fees to prove my innocence. The charges against me are false, they don’t represent or reflect the person that I am. They are simply using my past criminal history to crucify me in court. I’m the same individual that went to city hall and housing projects with @ericadamsfornyc to speak to children and explain to them how shootings and gun violence isn’t the way of life. I’ve visited shelters to feed the people in need all around the world including Africa, donated to back-to-school drives, and not one of my good deeds are mentioned or acknowledged. I’m calling on all the great people with meaningful and powerful voices to help me with this matter. Any help provided will be a blessing because I feel defeated one’s past shouldn’t be the reason why you can’t be afforded a successful future. No one should be held accountable for the crimes they have already served their time for, in legal terms that’s considered double jeopardy. Last but not least Happy Birthday to me, Free Me Until They Free Me, Y’all Know Outside Ain’t The Same Without Me. “LOL”

This message has been posted by the manager of Casanova on behalf of Casanova.


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