NeNe Spills More Tea on Apollo & Phaedra


NeNe Spills More Tea on Apollo & Phaedra!?!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta OG NeNe Leakes and Black-ish star Tracee Ellis Ross were Andy’s guests of Watch What Happens Live tonight and of course NeNe Spills More Tea on Apollo & Phaedra.

According to NeNe, who has been more than opinionated this season, weighing in on on the abusive relationship that seems to be happening between Apollo Nida and Phaedra Parks.

When Andy asked his favorite gal NeNe what she thinks about Apollo’s last ditch attempt with claiming Phaedra has cheated with a man named Mr. Chocolate, she had this to say:

“First, I have to say I love the name chocolate. I don’t know whether Phaedra’s having an affair with a man named Chocolate or not. It was so strange that he was running around saying all that stuff. It’s sad. Look, I’ve been through a public breakup before and it’s really sad when you’re going through it and nobody is there to support you.”


NeNe adds:

“Phaedra does have a girlfriend named White Chocolate that she is best friends with and was a bridemaid in her wedding. I do know White Chocolate myself.” NeNe shared that maybe THAT is who Phaedra was texting with and has her in the phoneas the nickname Chocolate.

Then NeNe had this to say when Cohen announced the nights poll question, which is “Is Phaedra better off without Apollo?”

“Let me just say, anytime you’re in an abusive relationship, I”m not saying that it is, but I don’t like that kind of stuff, what was happening at the end. That’s a no for me. I don’t wanna get like that.” She adds, “I don’t want to feel scared in my relationship.”

During the segment when fan asks questions, one weighed in asking NeNe why was so hard on Kim Zolciak about dating a married man but complimented Porsha Williams for doing the same?

“I never did. I wonder where that came from because I got a lot of Tweets about that. I never complimented Porsha for dating a married man. Let’s be very clear. I’m a married woman and have been since 1997. What I did say was ‘if you’re gonna date a married man’, since the girls were accusing, saying she got a car and bags and all that, ‘if you’re going to date one, that’s the way to date one.’ There are many girls who date married men and get absolutely nothing but a missing clit. At least Porsha was able to get a car and bags.”

A Tweeter asks which thing NeNe thinks will launch first: She By Sheree or Life Twirls On? She stares silently into the camera and the look said it all…#Hilarious

When asked if she was intimidated by Claudia Jordan, NeNe replied:

Please don’t ask me about that. I mean really, the question is way too dumb.”

Lastly, Andy shares that there’s an upcoming episode that features a pretty epic hair look from NeNe and it’ll break the internet. We can’t wait.