NeNe Leakes SLAMMED During RHOA Therapy Session


NeNe Leakes SLAMMED During RHOA Therapy Session!!!

Once again NeNe is back on her thrown making it all about her and causing drama on Real Housewives of Atlanta, so NeNe Leakes SLAMMED During RHOA Therapy Session.

NeNe Leakes‘ grand idea of sending all the ladies to therapy seems to be backfire when she gets slammed for her efforts. NeNe quickly finds out that she is the problem in the group when all the ladies try to speak with her she talks over them. The therapist keeps tell NeNe to listen, but instead she snaps back and calls Kenya, Claudia and her former bestie Cynthia liars.

It’s actually sad to watch NeNe deny the simple fact that she is the problem and should look in the mirror when CLAPPING BACK at her cast mates. She being very sadiddy since she performed on Broadway and in Vegas.


Each of the ladies get nowhere fast with Mrs Leakes during the counseling session. She tried to play peacemaker but it’s an EPIC FAIL.

Leakes continues to fight with Cynthia Bailey, who claims the historically bad feelings are Leakes’ fault.

Cynthia tries to explain to NeNe, but she gets shut down by NeNe talking over her:

“Once the rift started NeNe went above and beyond to destroy the friendship.”

NeNe keeps saying, “Right, right, right,” while Cynthia is talking.

She continues to be rude and Claps Back at Mrs Bailey saying:

“You’re NOT a victim!”


The therapist reprimands Bailey, and tells her:

“Don’t be sarcastic and really listen,” as the two women continue to bicker.

“Girl please, don’t’ go there,” Leakes tells Bailey, who asks: “Go where?”

Losing her patience, Leakes lashes out at her and retorts:

“You are a mean girl, you found your voice yet?”

Then the therapist explains that they’re the highest paid woman in the entire Housewives franchise says as NeNe is seen storming out of the room.

“This must be a takedown of NeNe.”

NeNe leaves in typical fashion since she doesn’t want to own up to the simple fact that she is the antagonist of the RHOA. If it wasn’t for her snide ways this season, most of the ladies would be cool with her, but her attitude has seriously changed. She thinks that she is entitled around everyone because she got a couple acting gig and that she has fans.

NeNe NEEDS to wake up that she NEEDS to be grounded, because she’s gonna need her friends when its all over.

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