NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey Make Up


NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey Make Up

Guess who just made up and are back to being BFF’s? Because NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey make up and are friends again!

A month after NeNe Leakes went on record saying that she is officially “done” with Cynthia while on Watch What Happens Live, has learned that NeNe has changed her mind about her former friend. While speaking to MadameNoire (via Fameolous), NeNe gave some background about her friendship with Cynthia and even revealed that the two made-up while filming season 7!

We actually formed a real friendship in real life. They signed Cynthia up to do this show, I never met her a day in my life. I know people said she modeled, I’m just keeping it real, I’d never seen her model, I never knew her name, I never knew anything about her. They brought her to my front door step and said ‘This is who you’re shooting with today’. It was the first time I met her a day in my life. Outside of that we did form a real friendship.

Cynthia I honestly had a real friendship with her. I don’t know where all this is coming from. But it was sorted out on season 7 for all of you guys to see. But I must say I feel like I’m a great friend to everybody who’s really been a friend in my life.

She also commented about the (untrue) rumors that pop up every season about her not coming back stating,

Every single season, somehow people think I’m not coming back. Somehow, I’m the only one who people ask ‘Is she coming back or not?’ It’s like why do you guys consistently ask if I’m coming back, what about the rest of the girls? But I think that people don’t understand it’s not really our choice like that. When I signed on for season 1, I signed on for a number of seasons. We’re like actors, we sign for a number of seasons and they’re either going to pick you up at the end of the season or drop you, unless you finish out your contract. You finish out your contract, then you’re out. You become a free agent like Lebron James. So I have obligations. It’s not like I can just walk away from something like it’s just that easy, it’s really not.

Well that is good news because we loved their friendship and they will be filming together for season 7 and we don’t feel like watching a NeNe / Marlow thing again with Cynthia.