Natalie Guercio SLAMS Karen Gravano Lying


Natalie Guercio SLAMS Karen Gravano Lying!?!

Once again Natalie Guercio SLAMS Karen Gravano Lying, but this time the Youngest Mob Wives Trust No One star is going at Karen for lying about a phone number leak.

In traditional Natalie fashion she is denying that she did anything and Karen is full of it.

The Mob Wives feud between Natalie Guercio and Karen Gravano continues since the reunion these ladies have been going back and forth on social media.

Wednesday night wasn’t exhausting enough, but no worries because they’ve found something new to fight about instead of family. has this tea via RealityAshhole about Karen Gravano who says that her phone number was leaked by Natalie and Natalie’s friends, but unfortunately for Karen she had no proof of that and was just taking a wild guess.


Karen tweeted:


Then Natalie replied with this:


Karen should really think about this one before making accusations, because she has other people who hate her and maybe it’s one of Storms side chicks or the girl who popped up in her place early in the morning. Haters are everywhere Karen.

We have one question. If Karen and Natalie basically hate each other, then how does Natalie have her number? If you don’t like someone then you wouldn’t give them your number.

Sorry Karen, but we have to agree with Natalie on this one.

What do you think???