Drita and Big Ang Defend Natalie G


Drita and Big Ang Defend Natalie G!?!

Since the Mob Wives Trust No One Reunion Pt 1 aired there has been constant feuding on social media and now Drita and Big Ang Defend Natalie G for her actions on the Reunion.

While Renee Graziano weighed on the Mob Wives Trust No One Reunion Pt 1, which has the ladies yelling at each other badgering each other and sounding like a bunch of cat fighting in an alley.

Renee writes:

The look @karengravano & i give when we know you are straight – Lying to our faces .. HaHa like really sweetie we know You’re a dirty liar so does america – Just tell the truth and set yourself – Free already Cause your boring me And i hate flip-flops!!! #reunionpart1 #herecomesthenoise #mobwives season 6″

Drita and Ang sat quietly as Karen and Natalie continued their Mob Wives Trust No One fight (Season 6) during the reunion. It was an all out attack on Natalie. Since then Natalie has talked some major ish on Twitter against Vivica Fox, 50 Cent, Storm (calling him a Pig) and Karen Gravano, but apparently Karen admitted that she was well aware of Storm’s infidelity. 


Renee has FIRED BACK in defence of 50 Cent, but she PISSED Renee off so much she went on a twitter RANT to destroy Nat G. Meanwhile, Karen NEVER weighed in on what Natalie said about Storm, so there must be some truth there.

Now Drita and Big Ang are speaking their mind since the girls and Jenn Graziano weren’t going to use TWO PARTS of this Reunion to try to “expose” Natalie and her recordings.

Drita And Ang are confirming that the reunion had nothing to do with the show and had everything to do with the girls’ personal drama with each other. 

Ang even went on Twitter to weigh in on Natalie and her working out their issues after part one of the Mob Wives reunion.

In an interview with WetPaint, Drita said that she didn’t get to watch the last episodes so she had no idea that Natalie Didonato was talking that smack behind her back!

Drita also calls Karen Gravano and Renee out for talking about “loyalty” but then being friends with Nat D. since Nat D. talks smack about her.

In addition to their confirmation, Drita and Ang both confirmed that Natalie G KILLED IT at the Reunion. So don’t believe the edited hype these girls and misinformed fans are trying to get you to believe.

There you have it. Two people who were actually there and have the SAME take on the reunion.

Do you think the Reunion of Mob Wives was a smear campaign to make Natalie Guercio look bad?

Who do you believe?



Natalie G

Natalie D

Big Ang