Momma Dee Man Ernest Comes Clean


Momma Dee Man Ernest Comes Clean!!!

After putting her man in the slammer for 7 years, Momma Dee Man Ernest Comes Clean but Momma Dee’s Daughter Calls Ernest an Opportunist.

During an emotional family dinner, Momma Dee tries to explain to Ernest mother, Bessie, that she is sorry for what she did, but she wants Ernest to tell his mama the truth. Back in the day Ernest was a bad boyfriend, he mistreated Scrappy’s mom, so she called the police and got him arrested.

Ernest Mom believes that Momma Dee could have found another way to teach him a lesson. However, Ernest said he understands why she did, but he still loves her and wants to make it work.


Meanwhile Jasmine thinks that Ernest is an opportunist because no man gets out of jail and then goes back to the woman who put him behind bars.


Do you think Ernest is using Dee for reality TV fame and a check?


What do you think?