Mimi and Joseline Face Off

Mimi and Joseline Face Off-0505-1

Mimi and Joseline Face Off!!!

Stevie J wanted Mimi and Joseline Face Off to have a sit down and work things out but does he realize these two ladies are NOT fans of each other?

For the upteenth time, Mimi and Joseline Face Off!

Haven’t we been here before?

Before Mimi has her sit down with Joseline Hernandez, Mimi turns to Deb Antney for some motherly advice on Nikko, her book, and meeting with Joseline.

Deb gives it too her REAL! As for Nikko and the book, Deb tell Mimi to write 3 10 page books and release them on Amazon. That will uphold and complete her fulfillment on the contract and Nikko will be @ss out.

Now on to Joseline, Deb says that she NEEDS to meet for her daughter. It’s NOT about anything but that.

Check it:

Mimi takes Deb’s advice and goes to meet the Puerto Rican Princess, but she is on some 1970s ish, acting like she’s a G rated angel.

Basically, it was a waste of time for both of them since Joseline came in her best Carol Brady hair to act like nothing ever happened between them. Mimi tried to speak with her, but the queen of denial plead the 5th on all accounts.

When Mimi asked Joseline why does she always have to hit, Joseline got green and was like, “when did I ever hit you” Mimi?

Joseline says that she is sitting there like a lady, but does she know how a lady sits? Joseline acted like caddy gay guy trying to stir the pot. It was REAL MESS! #GIURRL

Does Joseline forget she was seen on national TV  hitting  Mimi in the stair well at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion 3? maybe while Joseline was gone she got some shock therapy or the swapped her body out in Stepford, because Joseline is stuck on stupid.


Mimi gets nowhere with Joseline!

Was Mimi right or wrong with her questions?

Was Joseline out of line with her attitude?

What do you think?