Michele Morrone Did Not Come Out as Gay

Michele Morrone Did Not Come Out as Gay

Michele Morrone Did Not Come Out as Gay!

After a photo surfaced of Netflix star Michele Morrone with his co-star Simone Susinna extra close in a pool, fans were curious if they were an item.

They are both currently shooting the sequel to 365 DNI (which translates to 365 Days in English). Continue on for more on Michele Morrone not gay…

CelebNMusic247.com reports that the 30-year-old actor took to his Instagram Story this morning to make a statement.

In the latest gay news mix-up, actor Michele Morrone clarified that the caption, “I’m a liar,” did NOT mean he came out as a gay man.

He wrote:

This morning, I woke up with my team calling me and saying, ‘Hey, there’s a lot of articles…saying that you came out,’ because of the picture I took with Simone.

Morrone continued:

He became a very good friend of mine, we’re like brothers. We’re shooting a movie together. Guys, it was just a picture. Nothing more.

And by the way…I’m a very big supporter of the LGBT community. But we’re just talking about a normal picture. I didn’t come out

As for the “I’m a Liar” caption, here is what he had to say about it.

He explained:

An actor is a kind of liar. That’s why I wrote that. Acting…someone who is not. I didn’t come out.

Michele concluded:

So, I’m so sorry for the confusion. As I said, I’m a big supporter of the LGBT community. There’s a lot of young guys and young girls…they would love to come out but they don’t do it because of their families. You know, happiness is priceless, guys.

Check out some sexy photos of Michele Morrone:

He is still A HOT SNACK!