Diddy: Tulsa Was The Black Wakanda; It’s Time To “Unify”

Diddy: Tulsa Was The Black Wakanda; It's Time To "Unify"

Diddy: Tulsa Was The Black Wakanda; It’s Time To “Unify!”

Love aka Diddy says that he wants to tell the truth on Tulsa. He said stop waiting for someone to help the black community. Continue on for more insight from Diddy and how Tulsa was the real Wakanda…


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CelebnMusic247.com reports that Diddy says it’s time to stand on the shoulders of our black ancestors and come together to make a change.

100 years ago, Tulsa was a thriving black community that was like the black Wakanda. It was the great black economic culture at that time.

The former black slave owners were NOT having it so they drugged, killed, pillaged, and raped the women and men of Tulsa.

Diddy is asking its time to come together and STOP creating violence as DaBaby did on Memorial Day.

It’s time for the Black Community to stand up and demand change, help each other, support black business owners.

It’s time to support each other instead of killing and fighting over petty things. Instead of fighting each other to be the bigger man, walk away to see another day.

It’s time to UNIFY and come up with SOLUTIONS!

Diddy posted a video with the following caption:

Tulsa Race Massacre

No event in our history has impacted me more personally than the 1921 Tulsa Massacre.
This was a black community where we were helping ourselves, we were building our own American dream and then in 24 hours it was destroyed. 
This important piece of black history was eradicated from history. We need to now educate our people & the world about what happened and never let this happen again!

We can’t wait for anyone to determine our future, the story’s not over!!! #TulsaRaceMassacre