Michael Posner Walk Across America Back On

Michael Posner Back To Walk Across America

The last we heard of Michael Posner was that he was recovering from a Rattlesnake bite while doing his adventurous walk across the United States.

Today we have and update from Michael Posner who is still on his journey walking. Read on since Michael Posner Walk Across America is back on…

CelebNMusic247.com has learned that Posner is currently on the Eastern side of Colorado and making his way Westbound.

Michael Posner took to Twitter to give fans an update on his whereabouts in a video post while walking on out in the open terrains of Colorado.

The 31-year-old singer-songwriter, poet, and record producer and fellow Aquarian had this to say on Twitter while asking fans to NOT join him on his personal journey:

DO NOT attempt to join me on The Walk. I am NOT accepting guest walkers. It’s far too dangerous. Please respect that. I did 12 miles today which feels weird because I’m used to doing more but I have to ease back into it to prevent injury.

His road back to revocovery was tough, but he’s ready to get back to it:

Earlier this week, Michael Posner officially announced that he was back on track to walk accross the United States despite the Rattlesnake bite set back.

He Tweeted:

Posner is back on the road again after a scary snake bite almost caused him to lose his leg. The artist began a walk across America in New Jersey to remind people of the importance of living in the moment.

We just think this is awesome. Do you Michael! Congrats!

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