Michael Lohan BANNED From Rehab Facilities

Michael Lohan BANNED From Rehab Facilities

Michael Lohan BANNED From Rehab Facilities!

Lindsey Lohan’s dad continues to shock us. Now, CelebnMusic247.com has learned that Michael Lohan’s out on bond following his arrest for patient brokering. Read on for more details about Michael Lohan kickbacks from Rehab Facilities…

Michael Lohan BANNED From Rehab Facilities

If you didn’t hear, Lindsay’s father was booked into jail in South Florida last week for allegedly getting illegal kickbacks from a rehab facility where he referred drug addicts.

Michael Lohan‘s bond was set at $6k — $1,000 for each count of illegal patient brokering — but the judge also imposed additional conditions for Lohan’s release.

Are you ready for this?

According to docs … Michael may not work in the substance abuse treatment industry, and can’t have any affiliation with licensed healthcare facilities like treatment centers or clinical lab testing sites.

Lohan’s also prohibited from having any contact with co-defendants or any alleged co-conspirators — and the same goes for witnesses in his case, including all involved patients listed in the original probable cause affidavit.

As we told you … Michael’s accused of cutting deals where he referred drug addicts to a rehab center, and got paid — allegedly more than $25k — for those referrals.

His lawyer, Heidi Perlet, told us Michael “has helped countless individuals suffering from addiction issues” and “should be applauded for his efforts in saving lives — not arrested for them.” – TMZ

Isn’t it sad that Lindsey’s dad Michael Lohan’s fame is because of arrests, addiction, screwing up, and tons of negative headlines.

How embarrassing for his kids and family.