Bank Buys Giudice’s Beach House For 100 Bucks


Bank Buys Giudice’s Beach House For 100 Bucks!!!

Obviously nobody wanted Joe and Teresa Giudice’s hand me downs especially when it comes with a $348k lien that needs to be paid so the Bank Buys Giudice’s Beach House For 100 Bucks.

Ouch, that’s gotta sting, especially since Joe and Teresa were hoping to get some cash off the beach house. You know the one that Joe got busted fighting with a neighbor.

Anyways, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star house was up for an auction with bidding starting at $100. When nobody bid on the house, the bank swooped in. However, reportedly would not have accepted a bid that wasn’t close to the amount that Teresa and Joe owed on the house. The couple owed $348,025 on the house, which was in face worth approximately $290,181.

[rpi] is now reporting that the Giudice’s vacation home located in Toms River, was sold back to the bank for the minimum bid of $100. There were no other bidders and the report reads, “America’s Servicing Company holds the mortgage and initiated the foreclosure proceeding. The couple does have 10 days to pony up the money they owe and reclaim the house, and if not, they have about 30 days to vacate the house.”

The report also mentions that no inspection was allowed on the beach house and that it was being sold “as is.”

Teresa and Joe’s primary home which was seen on The Real Housewives of New Jersey located in Montville Township, was instituted foreclosure proceedings back in April. Community Bank of Bergen County stated that the couple owe $1.7 million on their mortgage.